ICK Management Information System

Dear students,you are most welcomed at ICK-Kabgayi ICK Management Information System

How to Apply

1. Go to the Online Application page Online Application page and choose to apply as:
  • National
  • International
2. Complete the basic information form and click on Submit..
3. The application dashboard where you will fill in all required details and documents to submit your full and pledged application for admission. The required documents are:
  • Secondary School Certificate
  • National identification Card/Passport (NID)
  • Attach your Picture (Passport Photo)
  • University Degree for PGDE
  • Transcripts for those who come from other universities
If you are not able to submit your application electronically, you can apply directly from Admissions Office, in person during our regular business hours the following address: Southern Province of Rwanda, Muhanga District, Nyamabuye Sector, Nearby bus stop – Admissions Office
Unofficial (provisional/Scans) documents submitted can be accepted in order to make a conditional offer of provisional admission. Original/official documents must be submitted for verification in order to confirm any such Admission offer upon reporting.
Apply now: Apply